BlockerX MOD APK 4.9.85 (Premium Unlocked)
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BlockerX MOD APK 4.9.85 (Premium Unlocked)

Block websites, porn & apps. Stay focused and win nofap with BlockerX

Name BlockerX BlockerX is the most famous version in the BlockerX series of publisher Atmana Tech
Publisher Atmana Tech
Genre Lifestyle
Size 97 MB
Version 4.9.85
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MOD Premium Unlocked
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In the era of digital distractions, maintaining focus and productivity can be a daunting task. BlockerX is an innovative app designed to help users block adult content, gambling apps, gaming, dating, and limit social media usage by promoting a healthier, more productive lifestyle. BlockerX MOD APK is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to improve their digital habits and overall well-being by providing a suite of features aimed at blocking unwanted content and fostering accountability.

Key Features of BlockerX MOD APK

1. Adult Content Blocker

BlockerX MOD APK allows you to restrict access to adult content on your device with a single toggle switch. This feature ensures that all types of explicit material are blocked, providing a safer browsing experience. Additionally, users can block specific websites and apps, tailoring the blocking functionality to their unique needs.

2. Uninstall Notification

One of the standout features of BlockerX MOD APK is its uninstall notification system. When the app is removed from your device, a notification is sent to your accountability partner. This feature helps users avoid relapses and stay committed to their goals by adding a layer of accountability.

3. Limit Social Media

BlockerX MOD APK has a comprehensive database of social media websites and apps, which it can block instantly. This feature is designed to help users limit their social media usage and reduce time spent on these platforms. The database is continually updated to include new social media sites and apps, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

4. Game Blocker

For those looking to curb their online gaming habits, BlockerX MOD APK offers a game blocker feature. This blocks all types of online gaming websites, helping users focus on more productive activities.

5. Community Support

BlockerX boasts a vibrant community of over 100,000 members who are on a similar journey of avoiding relapses and improving productivity. Users can interact with the community, share experiences, and gain support from others who understand their challenges.

6. Accountability Partner

Quitting bad habits can be challenging alone. BlockerX MOD APK pairs users with an accountability partner, a friend who helps them stay committed to their goals. This feature fosters a supportive environment, making it easier to maintain new habits.

7. Safe Search

BlockerX MOD APK ensures safe search settings are enforced on search engines like Google and Bing. This feature filters out adult content from search results and enforces restricted mode on YouTube, blocking adult videos.

8. Restrict Unwanted Words

Different users are triggered by different types of content. BlockerX MOD APK allows users to block specific words or phrases on their browsers and apps. For instance, blocking the phrase “adult video” will automatically filter out any web page containing this term, helping users avoid triggers.

9. Block Distracting Apps

To further enhance productivity, BlockerX MOD APK can block distracting apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Once added to the blocklist, these apps become inaccessible, helping users stay focused on their tasks.

10. Block Gambling Apps

BlockerX also offers a feature to block gambling apps and websites. This feature, available through a subscription, helps users avoid the temptations of online gambling, contributing to better financial and personal well-being.

11. Articles & Video Courses

BlockerX MOD APK provides educational content written by experts on topics such as dealing with urges, improving relationships, and understanding the challenges of quitting bad habits. These resources offer valuable insights and practical advice to help users on their journey to better digital habits.

Essential Permissions and Services

To deliver its comprehensive blocking capabilities, BlockerX requires several important permissions:

  • VpnService (BIND_VPN_SERVICE): This permission allows BlockerX to block adult website domains and enforce safe searches at the network level. It is an optional feature activated only if the user enables “block across browsers (VPN).”
  • Accessibility Services (BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE): This permission is used to block adult content websites, ensuring a seamless and effective content-blocking experience.
  • System Alert Window (SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW): This permission is utilized to display a block window over adult content, providing immediate feedback to users when they attempt to access restricted material.


BlockerX is more than just an adult content blocker; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to help users improve their digital habits, enhance productivity, and foster healthier relationships. With its wide range of features, from blocking adult content and gambling apps to providing community support and accountability partners, BlockerX MOD APK is a valuable resource for anyone looking to take control of their digital life. Download BlockerX MOD APK today and start your journey towards a more focused, productive, and fulfilling lifestyle.



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BlockerX MOD APK 4.9.85 (Premium Unlocked)

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