DeBlocker – Anti AdBlock for WordPress v3.3.9 Free Download

DeBlocker – Anti AdBlock for WordPress Free Download
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Are you tired of losing revenue because of ad blockers? Do you want to protect your WordPress site from users who block your ads? If yes, then you need DeBlocker, a powerful anti-adblock plugin for WordPress that can help you regain your lost income.

DeBlocker is a plugin that detects and blocks the use of adblocker extensions on your WordPress site. It prevents users from viewing or copying your content until they disable their ad blockers. It also allows you to customize the appearance and message of the pop-up window that asks users to allow your site.

DeBlocker is compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins and works well with all browsers. It supports both full-screen and modal window templates and has flexible settings that let you choose which pages or posts to apply the plugin to.

DeBlocker is a money-saving plugin that can help you increase your ad revenue and improve your site performance. It is simple to use and install, and no coding skills are required. You can download DeBlocker for free from

Why You Need an Anti-Adblock Plugin for WordPress

Adblockers are browser addons that prevent advertisements from showing on websites. They are popular among internet users who want to avoid annoying or intrusive ads, save bandwidth, or protect their privacy.

However, adblockers can also have a negative impact on website owners who rely on ads as their primary source of income. According to a report by Statista, the global ad-blocking penetration rate was 41% in 2020, which means that almost half of the internet users were using adblockers. This resulted in an estimated loss of $35 billion in ad revenue for publishers.

If you are a website owner who uses ads to monetize your content, then you need an anti-adblock plugin for WordPress to prevent users from blocking your ads. An anti-adblock plugin can help you:

  • Increase your ad revenue by displaying ads to users who would otherwise block them
  • Protect your content from being viewed or copied by users who use adblockers
  • Educate your users about the importance of supporting your site by whitelisting it or turning off their adblockers
  • Customize the look and feel of the pop-up window that asks users to turn off their adblockers
  • Choose which pages or posts to apply the anti-adblock plugin to

There are many anti-adblock plugins available for WordPress, but not all of them are effective or reliable. Advanced adblockers can easily bypass some of them, while others can slow down your site or cause compatibility issues with other plugins or themes.

That’s why we recommend DeBlocker as the best anti-adblock plugin for WordPress. DeBlocker is a powerful and lightweight plugin that can detect and block most adblocker extensions, such as AdBlock & Adblock Plus, uBlock & uBlocker, AdGuard AdBlocker, Poper Blocker, Ads Killer, Adaware Ad Block, Easy Ad Blocker, and many others.

DeBlocker uses a dynamic script that is hard to detect by any adblocker extension. It also prevents users from opening the context menu, selecting or copying anything on the page, or using hotkeys until they turn off their adblockers. DeBlocker is compatible with all browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera, and works well with all WordPress themes and plugins.

DeBlocker is also easy to use and customize. You can change the colors, text, title, and size of the pop-up window that asks users to disable their adblockers. You can also choose between two templates: modal window or full-screen lock. You can also decide which pages or posts to apply the plugin to or use it for the entire website.

DeBlocker is a Gutenberg-ready plugin that does not require any jQuery or coding skills. It is tested and compatible with WordPress 5+3 and has a detailed user manual that guides you through the installation and configuration process.

How to Use DeBlocker on Your WordPress Site

  • Go to Settings > DeBlocker in your WordPress dashboard
  • On the General tab, you can choose which template to use for the pop-up window: modal window or full-screen lock
  • You can also turn on or off the plugin for the entire website or individual pages or posts
  • You can also turn it on or off for mobile devices or desktops
  • On the Style tab, you can customize the appearance of the pop-up window by changing its colors, size, position, opacity, and animation
  • You can also upload your own logo or image for the pop-up window
  • On the Content tab, you can customize the text and title of the pop-up window by using shortcodes or HTML tags
  • You can also choose which language to use for the pop-up window from a list of available languages
  • On the Advanced tab, you can enable or disable some features such as blocking hotkeys, context menu, selection, or copy/paste
  • You can also enter custom CSS code or JavaScript code for further customization

After configuring DeBlocker’s settings, you can save them by clicking on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page. You can also preview how the pop-up window will look on your site by clicking on the Preview button at the top of the page.

DeBlocker will now start working on your site and block users who use adblockers from viewing or copying your content until they disable their adblockers. You can test it by using an adblocker extension on your browser and visiting your site.

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