Flippy Knife MOD APK v2.3.0.1 Free (Unlimited Coins)
Flippy Knife MOD APK (2)

Flippy Knife MOD APK v2.3.0.1 Free (Unlimited Coins)

Flippy Knife is a unique and attractive ax-throwing and sword-throwing game. Here, players can freely collect a new set of knives depending on their preferences.

Name Flippy Knife Flippy Knife is the most famous version in the Flippy Knife series of publisher Beresnev Games
Publisher Beresnev Games
Genre Action
Size 80 MB
Update Apr 24, 2024
MOD Unlimited Coins
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Knife play is Dangerous; however, nearly everybody who sees a stunning knife desires to play with it. The teenagers who pass by everything, however additionally, keep poking. However, eliminating this terrible habit is challenging for younger humans and adults.

Indeed, many readers in childhood recollections have been additionally scolded for using adults for taking part in knives. With that in mind, recreation developer Beresnev Games has launched a mind-blowing cell sport to fulfill this abnormal “love of knife” of humanity.

It will be a product that will assist you in playing with knives in your protection circle, barring the worry of cuts or risky accidents. Trust me; Flippy Knife will no longer reduce your hand while enjoying a knife.

Instead, you will smash your smartphone for this game’s unique motive. Let’s discover this thrilling recreation with me!


The Flippy Knife MOD APK provides a treasure trove of knives of specific kinds for you to play with. You can select from famous types, such as a butch knife and machete, to scarce ones, like kunai, pear AK and AK tree.

You can purchase some of them with cash gathered in the game. However, a few kinds should be opened with viewing ads, and some should be given daily attendance transcripts.

Overall, the Flippy Knife MOD APK is an extraordinary time-killing arcade game. Even in life, it helps you do knife hints you wouldn’t dare to do. For example, you juggle a Kanata or throw each AK and pear nostril into the target.

Moreover, you can play the sport without a net connection. So, it is proper to omit the time while getting ready for the bus or going to areas where Wi-Fi is unavailable, 3G is blocked, and the telephone sign is no longer sure to catch.

Specifications of Flippy Knife MOD APK

  • Category: Casual.
  • Graphics: 3D.
  • Modes: Single-player Offline.
  • Age: four years old and up.
  • Publisher: Beresnev Games.
  • Platform: Android 4.1 and above, iOS 9.0 and above.
  • Release date: August 3, 2017.
  • Game price: Free.


Flippy Knife MOD APK has unique gameplay. The participant will toss the knife so its tip sticks to the wood floor as it falls—diverse recreation modes with distinctive challenges. Players want to purchase ample utensils to free up a new sports mode.

Flippy Knife MOD APK is a reasonably exciting, simulating, practical knife-throwing game with gameplay comparable to Bottle Flipping. The participant controls the blade by flipping it to the correct targets.

Although this sport is simple, it is full of challenges. It requires gamers to calculate cautiously and, more importantly, be very affected when collaborating in this game.

The rhyme of the title Flippy Knife MOD APK reminds you of the rattling hen Flappy Bird. And you guessed right; this recreation is as challenging to chunk as lifting the hen through the drain.

Flippy Knife MOD APK is an enjoyable series of knife games. Each recreation has a unique way of calculating factors and enjoying distinct, however typically “sour,” you will fail heaps of hundreds of instances to be able to crawl through the recreation screen. These video games are as follows:

  • Combo: This is the most accessible sport that can be described via three phrases: “juggling knife.” The knife will be established on a wood base. You’d like to swipe up on the recreation to calculate the route and pressure tossed according to the interplay size earlier than you let go.

The knife will fly up, rotate, and fall. You will be triumphant once if it sticks the nostril down the base. It is a failure if the blade does not plug the nostril or fly off the pedestal. Each time you succeed, you will acquire a few coins. Successive profitable combos will produce a giant reward of up to numerous dozen coins.

  • BOOM is an exciting sports mode that requires gamers to wreck the boards to detonate T.N.T. bombs. Please calculate cautiously before launching the knife because the player only has three turns. If the dagger is correct, the toss will not disappear, and the player can reuse it. The knife flip is solely misplaced in case the player misses it.
  • Arcade: The knife move is pretty impressive. You will launch the knife from left to right, like taking part in indignant birds so that the knife flies around and sticks the nostril into the front pedestal.
    Failure to plug or fly off the platform is regarded as a failure. If you block your nostril down the base, you will get hold of a few cash and can proceed to the subsequent pedestal. You will now and then have prizes positioned on the pedestal for you to hit to get.

This mode requires humans to omit heaps of timber planks of unique heights and acquire as much cash as possible. In this mode, the participant is no longer afraid of dropping because if he misses the knife, he begins over at the roll he threw the knife.

Observing, aligning angles, and throwing pressure are what gamers want to do. The most essential aspect is the persistence and calm of the player.

  • Climb: Climb excessively with a knife. You will manipulate the blade to launch to the sides of the wall to go up and chase the drone to get the coin. If the edge plugs the nostril into the wall as if you have climbed a profitable step, the wall will have many changes, now not flat, and if you leave out the tip, you will have to begin over.
  • Target: One of the classics is knife throwing. You have to launch the blade to plug into the card; the more significant cash it hits in the middle. Suppose the goal neglected the goal or failed to insert the nostril into the target. If you hit many instances in a row, the coin reward container will drop for you to select up.

The modes of play above are now not solely stunning matters to the Flippy Knife MOD APK because it is boring. The sport allows you to play these video games with quite a dozen one-of-a-kind knife patterns and one-of-a-kind shapes. These knives will sell for coins, so you must “plow” from the necessary blade to have cash to purchase actual utensils.

Features of Flippy Knife MOD APK

Different Knives to Choose

Players can pick more significant than 35 kinds of knives, swords, and axes. Each blade will be unique in measurement and weight. Players can flexibly exchange blades in distinct sports modes.

After finishing the everyday quests, a certain quantity of cash will be transferred to the player’s in-game account. Also, when completing a badge in the collection, gamers will acquire some money corresponding to that badge’s value.

Experience the Truest Feeling

The Flippy Knife MOD APK introduces a unique characteristic known as “knife physics.” The precept will make the knives of bodily reproduction. The blade’s weight, shape, and function will affect how it flies, turns, and sticks its nostril into the target. When launched in the identical path and force, a tweezer will provide a distinctive result compared to a machete that is longer, heavier, and has an exceptional shape.

Graphics and Sound

Beautiful 3D graphics, developing a range of knives and swords designed extraordinarily sharp, possessing a specific gloss on the blade. The picture in the recreation is constructed with shiny colors, with animation switching between mild and dark.

When the TNT bomb is activated in BUFFER mode, a horrible explosion blows the whole lot around, then solely a pile of ruins.

The historical past track in the recreation is pretty soothing, making the sound of knives soaring into the air and blades dabbing in wood more precise. The sound of TNT bomb explosions is in BUM mode! Simulated distinctly realistically, gamers will experience it as if they have been bombed.

If you pass over too many instances in ARCADE mode, the participant will acquire a humorous, non-stop complaint.

Final Thoughts

Flippy Knife Mod APK is difficult for gamers because throwing knives is unique and requires gamers in many one-of-a-kind ways. The sport also impresses gamers by developing a new blade with shapes the participant did not expect. Join the Flippy Knife now and turn out to be a knife master!

Free Download Flippy Knife MOD APK Latest Version

Download ( 80 MB )

You are now ready to download Flippy Knife for free. Here are some notes:

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