Fun Race 3D MOD APK 201064 (Unlimited Money)
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Fun Race 3D MOD APK 201064 (Unlimited Money)

Once you start you can’t stop. Run, jump & win in the epic obstacle course games

Name Fun Race 3D — Run and Parkour Fun Race 3D — Run and Parkour is the most famous version in the Fun Race 3D — Run and Parkour series of publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES
Genre Racing
Size 133 MB
Version 201064
Update Latest
MOD Unlimited Money
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Fun Race 3D is an exhilarating game that skillfully combines the thrill of parkour with the competitive nature of racing. Developed by Good Job Games, this action-packed mobile game offers a unique and captivating experience, keeping players on their toes as they navigate through a series of challenging obstacles. Whether you are a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, Fun Race 3D MOD APK promises to deliver hours of entertainment and excitement.

The Thrill of the Race

At the heart of Fun Race 3D is the competitive racing aspect, where players must race against opponents to reach the finish line. The race, however, is not a straightforward sprint; it is filled with various obstacles that require quick reflexes and strategic thinking to overcome. Players will encounter swinging hammers, spinning saws, giant balls, and other traps that test their agility and timing.

The objective is simple: be the first to cross the finish line. However, achieving this goal requires more than just speed. Players must carefully time their movements to avoid obstacles and outsmart their opponents. This blend of speed, skill, and strategy makes each race an exhilarating experience.

Customization and Personal Expression

One of the standout features of Fun Race 3D MOD APK is the extensive customization options it offers. Players can choose from a diverse range of characters, each with its own unique appearance. Whether you prefer a slim and athletic runner, a chubby and cute character, or even a superhero, there is a character for everyone. The customization options extend to clothing and accessories, allowing players to create a unique look that reflects their personality and style.

Expressing yourself in the game goes beyond just appearance. Fun Race 3D allows players to celebrate their victories with a variety of dances and gestures. These celebratory animations add a fun and personal touch to the game, making each win feel even more rewarding.

Fun City Mode

In addition to the standard racing mode, Fun Race 3D features an innovative Fun City mode. This mode allows players to unleash their creativity by designing their own courses filled with obstacles and traps. The customization options in Fun City mode are extensive, enabling players to create complex and challenging courses that test the skills of anyone who attempts them.

Decorating your city is another exciting aspect of Fun City mode. Players can add stunning beaches, cozy sun loungers, colorful umbrellas, and delightful ice cream and drink shops to their city. The more attractive and creative your city, the more tickets you’ll sell, earning gems that can be used to further enhance your Fun City. This mode adds a new layer of depth to the game, making it not only about racing but also about creativity and management.

Gameplay Mechanics

The controls in Fun Race 3D MOD APK are simple yet highly effective. Players need to hold their finger on the screen to run and release to stop. This straightforward control scheme is easy to learn but challenging to master, especially as the levels become progressively harder. The increasing difficulty ensures that the game remains engaging and tests players’ skills to the limit.

Each level in Fun Race 3D MOD APK presents a new set of challenges, with obstacles that require precise timing and quick reflexes to navigate. The variety of obstacles keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting, as players never know what to expect next. This unpredictability is a key factor in the game’s appeal, keeping players coming back for more.

Why Fun Race 3D Stands Out

Fun Race 3D MOD APK stands out in the crowded mobile gaming market for several reasons. Firstly, its unique combination of parkour and racing offers a refreshing change from traditional racing games. The incorporation of obstacles and traps adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge, making each race a thrilling experience.

Secondly, the extensive customization options allow players to express their individuality and creativity. From character selection to clothing and accessories, players can create a unique avatar that represents their personal style. The celebratory dances and gestures add a fun and personal touch, making each victory feel special.

Thirdly, the Fun City mode sets Fun Race 3D apart from other racing games. The ability to design your own courses and decorate your city adds a new dimension to the game. This mode encourages creativity and strategic thinking, as players must balance the attractiveness of their city with the difficulty of their courses.

Downloading Fun Race 3D MOD APK

For those looking to enhance their gaming experience, downloading the Fun Race 3D MOD APK is an excellent option. This modified version of the game offers additional features and benefits, such as unlocked content and unlimited gems. These perks can make the Fun Race 3D MOD APK game even more enjoyable, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

To download the latest version of Fun Race 3D MOD APK, visit our website sites and follow the installation instructions carefully. It is important to ensure that you are downloading from our website to avoid any security risks. Once downloaded, the MOD APK will provide you with all the extra features and benefits, enhancing your gameplay and making it even more exciting.

Tips and Strategies for Success

To succeed in Fun Race 3D, it’s essential to master the basic controls and develop effective strategies for navigating the obstacles. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Practice Timing: The key to success in Fun Race 3D MOD APK is timing your movements perfectly. Practice holding and releasing to get a feel for the controls and develop your timing skills.
  2. Learn the Obstacles: Each level features different obstacles that require specific strategies to overcome. Take the time to learn how each obstacle works and develop strategies for navigating them.
  3. Stay Calm Under Pressure: The races can be intense, especially as you approach the finish line. Stay calm and focused, and avoid making hasty decisions that could lead to mistakes.
  4. Customize Your Character: Personalizing your character can add an extra layer of fun to the game. Experiment with different looks and find a style that suits you.
  5. Explore Fun City Mode: Don’t forget to explore Fun City mode and unleash your creativity. Designing your own courses and decorating your city can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.


Fun Race 3D is a game that offers a unique and thrilling experience, combining the excitement of parkour with the competitive nature of racing. With its extensive customization options, innovative Fun City mode, and simple yet challenging gameplay mechanics, Fun Race 3D MOD APK stands out as a must-play game for mobile gamers.

Whether you are racing against opponents, designing intricate courses, or decorating your virtual city, Fun Race 3D MOD APK promises hours of fun and entertainment. The game’s simple controls and progressively challenging levels ensure that players of all skill levels can enjoy the experience.



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Fun Race 3D MOD APK 201064 (Unlimited Money)

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