Greenshift v7.2.3 (With Addons) Plugin Free Download

Greenshift (With Addons) Plugin Free Download
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WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, powering over 40% of all websites. However, creating stunning and engaging web pages with WordPress can be challenging, especially if you don’t have coding skills or design experience. That’s why you need a powerful and easy-to-use page builder and animation plugin to help unleash your creativity and boost your site’s performance.

Greenshift is a unique WordPress plugin that combines the features of a page builder and an animation builder. Greenshift lets you create amazing web pages and animations with the Gutenberg editor without coding or extra plugins. Greenshift is highly optimized for speed, SEO, and user experience, making it the ultimate web creation tool for WordPress.

How Can Greenshift Help You with SEO and Marketing?

Greenshift is a page builder, animation plugin, and a powerful SEO and marketing tool. Green shift can help you optimize your web pages for higher ranking and conversion with the following features:

  • Greenshift supports schema markup for various types of content. Schema markup is a way of adding structured data to your web pages to help search engines understand what your content is about and display rich snippets in the search results. Green shift supports schema markup for product, review, listing, how-to, event, FAQ, video, and more to help you boost your click-through rate and traffic.
  • Greenshift has special blocks for affiliate marketing and comparison tables. If you want to earn more profit from your website, you need to use effective marketing strategies and tools. Greenshift has special blocks for affiliate marketing, such as link parser, link hider, offer blocks, and listings, to help you promote your products and services. Green shift also has a table builder to help you create attractive and informative comparison tables to help your visitors make informed decisions and increase your conversion rate.
  • Greenshift has unique mobile layouts for all blocks and statistics extensions. Mobile traffic is more important than ever, and you must ensure your web pages are responsive and user-friendly on all devices. Greenshift has unique mobile layouts for all blocks to ensure they look great and function well on any screen size. Green shift also has a statistics extension to help you track and analyze your web page performance, such as views, clicks, conversions, and more.

How do you get started with Greenshift?

Getting started with Greenshift is easy and fast. You can download the free core plugin from the WordPress plugin directory and install it on your WordPress site. The core plugin has all the essential features and blocks to create unique web pages and animations with Gutenberg.

If you want to unlock more features and functionalities, Download the premium add-ons from the HoleNow.Com website. Are four add-ons available: Animation Addon, Query Addon, SEO and Marketing Addon, and Chart Addon. Each add-on has its own unique benefits and features, and you can Download them separately or as a bundle.

Greenshift is the ultimate WordPress page builder and animation plugin that can help you create stunning and engaging web pages with Gutenberg without any coding or extra plugins. Green shift is highly optimized for speed, SEO, and user experience, making it the best web creation tool for WordPress. Try Green shift today and see the difference for yourself!

Core Features of Greenshift Plugin

  • Ready library of sections and layouts with FSE support
  • SVG shape libraries for extended formatting of each block or animated divider
  • Advanced containers and rows with control over every aspect of alignment, spacing, position and more
  • Advanced position control, allowing you to set CSS position via CSS transform, position, or margins
  • Mobile smart scroll for sections, turning regular columns and blocks into scrollable items on mobiles or carousels
  • Advanced sliders and tabs, converting regular galleries into advanced 3D sliders
  • Extended background options (colour/gradient/videos) and overlays with hover transitions
  • CSS scroll animations and hover transitions without libraries
  • AR/VR 3D viewer block based on Google Model Viewer
  • Dynamic blocks such as animated headlines, countdown, counters, videos, tabs, toggles, table of content, progress bars, and more

What’s New (Changelog) in Greenshift v7.2.3 (With Addons)

  • Fix: Image view for mobiles for static width of images

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