Octopus MOD APK 7.2.2 (Pro Unlocked) Free Download
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Octopus MOD APK 7.2.2 (Pro Unlocked) Free Download

Octopus Mod APK is a keymapper app that allows users to play mobile games using a gamepad or controller.

Name Octopus Gamepad Octopus Gamepad is the most famous version in the Octopus Gamepad series of publisher Octopus Gaming Studio
Publisher Octopus Gaming Studio
Genre Tools
Size 14.87 MB
Version 7.2.2
Update Nov 30, 2023
MOD Pro unlocked
Get it On Play Store
Download (14.87 MB)

For serious gamers, the birth of smartphones has brought many changes to the gaming world, especially the request for movable games. That said, you can now enjoy excellent games on your Android bias with inconceivable plates and gameplay that compete with stylish press games. Still, due to the limited tackle, some gamers would find it more challenging to enjoy mobile games since they don’t offer an accessible regulator point.

To break this, numerous people would turn to the external regulator, which can be connected to your mobile bias, enabling press- such as gaming gests whenever you want. Octopus Gamepad, Mouse, and Keyboard Keymapper are great mobile apps that you can use to link your external regulators to the Android bias. Still, it’s far further than an average mobile app, as Octopus Gamepad has various intriguing features to use your regulator bias completely.
Our reviews let you learn more about this fantastic app from Octopus Gaming Studio.

What does it do?

To start with, Android druggies can fluently install the app on their bias and use Bluetooth to connect with their external regulators. But it doesn’t stop with just gamepad regulators; being a lot further than that, the app will also let you connect your Android bias to a keyboard and mouse. This entirely changes the description of mobile gaming as gamers can now play and enjoy the games to the fullest, just like how you would play them on a press or a PC.

That said, by allowing your bias to match and sync with the regulators snappily, the app also lets you use its point to collude specific touch commands and gestures with the keyboards and regulators. This enables complete and accurate controls whenever you play games, which is extremely important, especially in competitive titles like MOBA or online FPS.

And the more you get into it, the more intriguing the app will be, as it offers various settings with inconceivable details and features. You can quickly change your gaming gests with the proper calibrations and settings.


To make effects as simple and accessible as possible, druggies can install and run their Octopus app on the utmost Android bias with minimal limitations. On top of that, with the intuitive interfaces, you’ll also find it relatively easy to use. Still, having your own gamepads, keyboards, mouse, and other regulators would be best to use the app. After all, you’ll need the regulators to control your bias.

Awesome features of Octopus

They are all the fantastic features that the app has to offer.

Excellent compatibility for most of your games and controller

First, you’ll find Octopus Gamepad Pro extremely useful for druggies looking for an app to manage all their regulator bias. That said, it offers complete support for nearly all Android apps and games, allowing you to add multiple preferences to play numerous of your favorite games. Thanks to the highly compatible Octopus Engine, Android druggies can enjoy movable gaming gests to the fullest.

Find yourself playing with your gamepads, keyboard, and mouse, which is inconceivable and way ahead seen. The app supports dozens of models from the notorious brand, like Xbox, PS, IPEGA, Gamesire, Logitech, Razer, and more. Hence, you’ll no way have to worry about your bias comity.

Different control modes for certain games

On top of that, to help you enjoy your games, Octopus Pro also has excellent support for mainstream Android games. That said, you can use the preset crucial mappings as soon as you get into these games, which range from more than 30 titles. Thus, you wouldn’t waste time looking for game changes and settings. Get ready for immediate fun whenever you’re ready.

Plus, for those interested, the app also features two elementary control modes: the Gamepad and Keyboard settings for you to enjoy in your different games. You can use the unique control mechanics on these modes to optimize your gameplay to the fullest. Most importantly, for popular titles, you’ll have a specific control mode for each, ensuring your overall gest.

Customizable controller settings for your games

Also, as you become familiar with the app, many more available keymap settings will produce your control biographies for certain games. That said, Octopus comes with more than 20 control rudiments and factors that you can use to make essential gaming gests. With each option featuring detailed and intuitive configurations, you can fluently produce your settings for your new games. Feel free to have fun with stunning gameplay and comfortable control whenever you play games using Octopus. It’s perfect in-game gamepad estimation.

You can record your in-game experiences with excellent quality.

On top of that, as you dive into your in-game guests, it’s also possible for Android gamers using Octopus Pro to record their in-game gameplay with the available gaming archivist freely. That said, the app comes with an intertwined Screen Archivist app, letting you record your combats, gunfights, or grand highlights. Thus, you can save them to watch later or partake and vaporize with musketeers.

Connect to the Google Play Store to sync your gameplay.

For those interested, the app offers instigative gameplay with Google Play Login, allowing you to sync your progress with particular games. Hence, you’re free to play authentic games on your mobile bias while remaining in control of your preference with a gamepad or regulator. Remember that you’ll need the Octopus Gamepad plugin ready to perform this.

Fake locations on your devices

And for those who wish to enjoy playing your games no matter where you are, it’s also possible to use Octopus to fake your in-game position. With the Fake position options, you can now enjoy playing games, especially online titles, in colorful regions worldwide. Thus enabling stupendous in-game guests whenever you’re interested. Have fun and make musketeers from all over the world with your global gaming gests.

Smooth and satisfying gameplay

As you dive into your games, Octopus Gamepad Pro offers smooth and satisfying gameplay thanks to its RAM Clearing point. That said, the app will laboriously run while you’re enjoying the game to identify certain apps that are using too much of your tackle coffers and exclude them. Hence, you can maintain high performance during the game and get stylish results after the match.

Support advanced controls on certain games.

  • And most notably, druggies can access some of their games’ most inconceivable and advanced control options with Octopus.
  • Start with the swipe control, allowing you to draw any path on your screen or the supported regulator to initiate specific commands for your characters. Specific durations can be used for different ways of controlling your feelings.
  • And to help you in fast-paced games, druggies can use the, Multiply option to perform quick successes on multiple positions. With it, you can fluently make your constant attacks toward adversaries without having to smash the same buttons over and over again. It only takes one megahit to perform as numerous attacks as you want.
  • On top of that, the crucial mapping point also lets you change critical mapping orders on each valve, which can be helpful in complex games. That said, you can have your buttons programmed for colorful commands and pierce them in specific megahit sequences.
  • And if you’re changing your analog control to being too harsh or too little, setting your Analog Deadzone settings is possible. With this, your analog control will only operate at a certain chance. Coil it up to 100 to control your movements completely, or drop it to enjoy the better delicacy.
  • And last but not least, for those who enjoy playing games on your large television screen. You can use your gamepad’s LS- RS command to bring the virtual mouse onto the net. With it, you can fluently command your smart Android television.

Create control profiles for specific titles.

Having the controls ready for certain games is relatively delicate with all those different settings. To help you with that, the app also features customizable control biographies away from the preset control settings, allowing you to save your specific control settings for each game. Using a gamepad regulator and a keyboard, you can have fun with your unique keymaps for certain games and situations. Change your biographies whenever you’re ready to enjoy the games to the fullest.

Free to use

Despite having all those unique features, the app is presently accessible for Android users to enjoy on their mobile. You may download and install the program from the Google Play Store without spending anything. Use the handed regulator settings and features to have fun with any of your games.

Unlock all the premium features with our mod.

Nevertheless, you must pay for a professional interpretation because the program contains adverts and in-app purchases. Hence, for those of you who don’t want to waste plutocrats, it’s also possible for you to go for our Octopus Pro APK instead. Just download the train, follow the handed instructions on our website, and you can snappily have the modded app installed on your bike.


It doesn’t work well on old devices.

While it does come with excellent comity, there are specific old models that the app won’t work well on. That said, this could affect lags, missed gates, and more. Therefore, it makes your overall gests in the game less satisfying.

Final verdicts

Those searching for the most excellent methods to enjoy your game may now do so with the Octopus Gamepad. That said, the app offers inconceivable gameplay, in which you can completely dive into your press- suchlike or PC- suchlike gests right on your mobile bias. Enjoy playing mobile games with a gamepad, keyboard, mouse, or any regulator of your choice whenever you want.

Download ( 14.87 MB )

You are now ready to download Octopus Gamepad for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing APK files from outside, Google Play Store has added a warning when installing apps and mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Click "Install anyway (unsafe)."
  • To check the CPU and GPU of an Android device, please use the CPU-Z app

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