TeaTV MOD APK v10.8.2r Free (AD Removed)

TeaTV MOD APK v10.8.2r Free (AD Removed)

Many movies and television series from across the globe may be accessed via Tea TV Mod APK, so if you're looking for an obscure movie title, you'll find it here.

Name TeaTV TeaTV is the most famous version in the TeaTV series of publisher
Publisher TeaTV
Genre Entertainment
Size 11 MB
Version 10.8.2r
Update Apr 7, 2024
MOD AD-Free, Extra Mod
Get it On Play Store
Download (11 MB)

  • Custom Adaptive Lite Mod Details By Hifi2007:
  • Removed ads links
  • Removed debug code
  • Disabled ad layouts
  • Ads disabled/removed
  • No forced update(NFU)
  • Removed news promo banner
  • Cleared promo apps from the menu
  • Disabled disclaimer at startup
  • Disabled subtitle popup fixed
  • Ads permissions disabled/removed
  • Removed source tags of Java files
  • *Telegram banner removed on phones*
  • Package signature changed(Lite mod)
  • Set default Tplayer disabled at startup
  • Disabled Analytics/Crashlytics/Firebase
  • Removed Services/Providers from manifest
  • Disabled all Receivers/Services not needed
  • New Custom Adaptive Look Added By Spydog
  • Custom banner/large logo added per request
  • Screen DPIs: 120dpi/160dpi/240dpi/320dpi/480dpi/640dpi
  • Optimized/zip-aligned graphics/cleaned resources for a faster load(Lite mod)

TeaTV is a cinematic viewing application designed for individuals from all walks of life. Users can swiftly scour movies and specific programs within their realm, conserving substantial effort. Notably, the beauty lies in the necessity to unburden users to log in to savor their desired visual content.

For those who hunger for films and seek solace in watching them alleviate sadness and kindle joy, this application emerges as an impeccable selection. Within its confines, one finds themselves able to indulge in a plethora of movies featuring adored actors and iconic TeaTV shows. Such an endeavor can restore one’s spirit and foster an adoration for existence.


Upon embarking upon the TeaTV MOD APK domain, the initial astonishment arises from the presence of an exquisite and radiant interface. The main page hosts a visual symphony of movie images, previewing the cinematic wonders within. Accompanying these images, each film’s narratives are presented lucidly and meticulously, thus facilitating user comprehension and informed decision-making. Allow yourself the luxury of immersing in the enthralling narratives this application lays before you.


TeaTV MOD APK extends a gracious hand by furnishing trailers for newfound films hitherto unexplored by your gaze. Also, it gives you access to the impressions of individuals who have already ventured into the cinematic realms, thereby augmenting your insight into the quality and gratification gained by the films in question. In addition, you’ll also be given insight into future releases. Thus, the avenue is to search and discover a movie resonating with themes and narratives that suit your tastes.


The treasure trove of movies and TV shows rendered by TeaTV MOD APK gifts users with a haven of amusement. The weariness and concerns of professional and personal life are banished, replaced by an influx of positive vigor, infusing existence with a newfound significance. Each cinematic journey unfolds before you with riveting and exhilarating content, poised to captivate your senses.


Beyond cinema, TeaTV MOD APK beckons you to partake in a tapestry of live TV programs spanning genres such as music, sports, and other distinct niches. Comedy, drama, and animation grace its offerings, assuring a comprehensive spectrum of content. Your quest for entertainment will result quickly, with the interface streamlined for utmost clarity. In mere seconds, the coveted outcomes manifest. Moreover, users are privy to extraordinary narratives, with episodes of pristine high-definition clarity and strikingly vivid visuals.


Upon traversing the corridors of TeaTV MOD APK, you inherit the prerogative to download episodes and videos that resonate with your interests. Furthermore, the quality dimension is available: 480p, 720p, or 1080p, the pinnacle of visual splendor. Tailoring your experience to individual preferences allows you to select the most fitting download mode.

An essential caveat is the requirement of a stable internet connection or the embrace of a robust WiFi network to facilitate seamless downloading. Be it with friends or family, the playback of these downloaded treasures can punctuate leisurely moments. A pivotal feature arises in its cost-free nature, extending access to all without imposing financial constraints. Perhaps most notably, accessibility finds its culmination with the application’s availability for download onto one’s smartphone.


1. Stunning and Exquisite User Interface Accompanied by Crystal-Clear Sound System:

Immerse yourself in a visual symphony as the application welcomes you with a breathtaking interface. The interface is a feast for the eyes and a testament to TeaTV MOD APK’s user-friendly design. The combination of captivating visuals and an impeccable sound system ensures that your viewing experience is delightful and immersive, enriching your enjoyment of every movie or show.

2. Empowerment to Select Your Own Thrilling and Enthralling Movie for Personal Enjoyment:

Within the realm of the TeaTV MOD APK app, you hold the reins to your entertainment choices. The vast library of movies allows you to explore and choose the ones that resonate with your preferences. Whether it’s a heart-pounding action flick or a heartwarming romance, the power is in your hands to curate your cinematic journey, ensuring a tailored and thrilling experience.

3. Experience Moments of Captivating Entertainment:

Prepare to be swept away by moments of pure entertainment. The TeaTV app creates an environment where every movie or TV show is an opportunity to escape into a world of stories, characters, and emotions. It’s not just about watching; it’s about feeling, laughing, crying, and being captivated by the narratives that unfold before you.

4. Access a Plethora of TeaTV Programs Encompassing a Wide Array of Content:

Diversify your entertainment palate with a diverse selection of TV programs. Whether you are a music lover, sports enthusiast, or intrigued by unique topics, the TeaTV app caters to your interests. The wide variety of content ensures you can switch from gripping dramas to lighthearted comedies or explore niches you’ve never ventured into.

5. Possess the Privilege to Download and Delight in Your Preferred Videos and Episodes:

It’d be great if you don’t have your favorite videos or episodes at your fingertips. The TeaTV app acknowledges your desire to cherish and revisit content that resonates with you. By allowing you to download, you can enjoy your chosen videos or episodes even when offline. Whether it’s during a commute or a leisurely afternoon, you have the freedom to immerse in your preferred content.

In a world where digital entertainment is a cornerstone of modern living, these features converge to enhance your experience, granting you the autonomy to explore, enjoy, and personalize your entertainment journey.

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TeaTV MOD APK v10.8.2r Free (AD Removed)

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