The Events Calendar PRO v6.2.4 Plugin Free Download

The Events Calendar PRO Plugin Free Download
NameThe Events Calendar PRO
GenreWordPress Plugins
Latest Versionv6.2.4
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The Events Calendar PRO is a WordPress plugin designed to facilitate creating and managing events on your website. Packed with various features, this plugin allows you to create, organize, and promote your events easily.

What is The Events Calendar PRO?

The Events Calendar PRO is a premium add-on for The Events Calendar that enhances it with extra features, such as:

  • Recurring events: You can create events that repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis or use custom patterns to set up complex recurrence rules.
  • Additional views: You can display your events in different ways, such as photo view, map view, week view, or day view.
  • Shortcodes and widgets: You can embed your events anywhere on your site using shortcodes or widgets. For example, you can show a mini calendar, a countdown timer, a featured venue, or a list of upcoming events.
  • Venues and organizers: You can create and assign venues and organizers to your events and display them on your site with their own pages and maps.
  • Custom fields: You can add custom fields to your events to collect and display any information you want, such as price, location, category, tag, or anything else.
  • Advanced search and filter: You can let your visitors find the events they are interested in by using keywords, categories, tags, venues, organizers, or dates.
  • Import and export: You can import events from other sources, such as Google Calendar, iCal, Eventbrite, or Meetup, or export your events to different platforms using CSV or XML files.

Why should you use The Events Calendar PRO?

The Events Calendar PRO is not just a plugin; it’s a complete solution for event management. Whether running a small business, a non-profit organization, a community group, or a personal blog, you can use this plugin to create and manage any event on your WordPress site.

Some of the benefits of using The Events Calendar PRO are:

  • Simple to use: No coding or technical experience is required to utilize this plugin. It has a user-friendly interface lets you create and edit events with just a few clicks. It also integrates seamlessly with the WordPress block editor and the classic editor.
  • It’s flexible and customizable: You can customize every aspect of your events, from the design and layout to the content and functionality. You can also use hooks and filters to modify the plugin’s behavior or use template tags to override the default templates.
  • It’s reliable and secure: This plugin is developed and maintained by a professional team of developers and designers who have been in the industry for over 10 years. They provide regular updates, bug fixes, security patches, and compatibility checks. They also offer premium support and documentation for their customers.
  • It’s compatible and scalable: This plugin works well with any WordPress theme or plugin. It also supports multisite networks, translation plugins, caching plugins, SEO plugins, and more. It can handle thousands of events without affecting your site’s performance.

What’s New (Changelog) in The Events Calendar PRO v6.2.4

= [6.2.4] 2023-11-14 =

  • * Fix – WPML permalink resolution was failing to retain the `lang` query param in some edge cases, namely on single posts with Pro activated. [TEC-4798]
  • * Fix – Added legacy compatibility for `tribe_get_recurrence_start_dates()` to function with the Custom Tables feature. [ECP-1422]
  • * Fix – Resolved several `Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property` warnings on: `TECEvents_ProCustom_TablesV1DuplicateDuplicate::$url`, `TECEventsCustom_TablesV1ModelsValidatorsValidator::$error_message` and `Tribe__Events__Pro__PUE::$pue_instance` [BTRIA-2088]
  • * Tweak – Added filters: `tec_events_pro_recurrence_get_start_dates`
  • * Language – 0 new strings added, 64 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

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