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Woo Product Filter PRO, developed by WooBeWoo, stands out as a robust WooCommerce product filter plugin for WordPress. This powerful tool empowers users to establish and personalize filters for their online stores, granting customers the ability to refine product searches based on various parameters such as price, categories, tags, attributes, and more.

With a rich array of sorting options and the added benefit of AJAX live search functionality, Woo Product Filter PRO ensures customers a smooth and efficient shopping experience. This plugin enhances the flexibility and convenience of product navigation, contributing to an improved overall user experience within your WooCommerce-powered online store.

What is Woo Product Filter Pro by WooBeWoo?

Woo Product Filter Pro by WooBeWoo is a plugin that allows you to create and customize filters for your WooCommerce products using a drag-and-drop builder. You can filter your products by any criteria, such as price, price range, categories, tags, attributes, ratings, stock status, and more. You can also display your filters in different ways, such as checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, icons, colors, and sliders. You can also enable AJAX live search, which means your products will update instantly without reloading the page.

Woo Product Filter Pro by WooBeWoo is fully compatible with Elementor, the popular page builder plugin for WordPress. You can create and edit your product filters directly from the Elementor interface and use them with any Elementor template or widget. You can also use shortcodes or widgets to add product filters to any page or sidebar on your website.

Woo Product Filter Pro by WooBeWoo also comes with ready-made starter packs and templates you can import and customize to suit your niche and style. You can choose from different layouts, designs, colors, and animations for your product filters. You can also create multiple filter sets for different product categories or pages.

What are the benefits of using Woo Product Filter Pro by WooBeWoo?

Woo Product Filter Pro by WooBeWoo has many advantages over other product filter plugins for WooCommerce, such as:

  1. Ease of use: You don't need coding skills or technical knowledge to use Woo_Product Filter Pro by WooBeWoo. With a few clicks, you can use the drag-and-drop builder to create and edit your product filters. You can also preview your changes live and undo or redo them if needed.
  2. Flexibility: You can customize every aspect of your product filters, such as labels, titles, descriptions, icons, colors, fonts, sizes, spacing, alignment, animation, and more. Mix and match different filter types and options to create unique and user-friendly product layouts.
  3. Performance: Woo Product Filter Pro by WooBeWoo is optimized for speed and SEO, meaning it will load fast and rank well on Google and other search engines. It also uses Ajax technology to load products dynamically without refreshing the page, which improves the user experience and reduces the bounce rate.
  4. Functionality: Woo Product Filter Pro by WooBeWoo adds many useful features to your WooCommerce store that will help you increase your conversions and sales, such as product count and recount, price range slider with fixed step values, show category image option, hide or show filters button, clear all or clear block buttons, customizable loader icon, popup filter mode, floating mode, hidden mode, and more.
  5. Support: Woo Product Filter Pro by WooBeWoo is developed and maintained by WBW, a reputable WordPress company that offers high-quality products and services. You can count on their friendly and professional support team to help you with any issues or questions regarding Woo Product Filter Pro by WooBeWoo.

What’s New (Changelog) in Woo Product Filter PRO v2.5.0

2023-11-17 – version 2.5.0
* Fixed count products recalc for list filters
* Added compatibility with Phone Orders for WooCommerce Plugin
* Fixed Not In logic for attributes
* Added compatibility with Divi Archive Loop
* Added hierarchical options for attributes filter
* Minor issues fix

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